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Karma Dance Project – Francia együttes a DEPO-ban

2018. ápr. 27. - 20:00


Budapest Táncszínház DEPO, Koppány utca 15.

A Budapest Táncszínház április 27-én 20 órakor a franciaországi Karma Dance Project két részből álló estjének ad otthont a DEPO stúdiószínházában.


Koreográfia: Lorand Zachar
Zene: Ezio Bosso
Táncosok: Alice Valentin-Kermorvant, Ikki Hoshino és Pedro Lozano Gomes

„The mirror of a fading soul will not reflect its true feelings. Shards of hurting are tearing apart the emotional integrity of a person seeking forgiveness, splintering all the happiness and sadness of each passing day into a thousand pieces. Becoming one with the etheric body of ill feelings turns into a restlessness of a whirling needlepoint, a constant and haunting reminder boiling like a harrowing stream of blood in the human body. There are three in the circle: one is fading whilst the other two are glowing. There is no relief for anyone; the circle is protecting and strangling at the same time, until the wilted one is forced out. His cold world falls upon the remaining two. Frozen, stiff bodies float along the surging outlines of the circle as a happy life finally falls into oblivion.”


Koreográfia: Gigi Caciuleanu
Zene: « Prélude à une après-midi d’un faune » by Claude Debussy
Táncosok: Alice Valentin-Kermorvant és Ikki Hoshino

„Inspired by the music by Claude Debussy and based on the poem by Stéphane Mallarmé, this duet sketches the encounter between two linear beings ; their flesh has the appearance of thin air and love.
Drawns, but not painted, thet are two entities that despite their sensuality, they never touch each other (Aimai-je un rêve?*) but , rather like magnetic fileds, they interfere. These two beings (Couple, adieu ; je vais voir l’ombre que tu devins*) will meet through interferences.”

Jegyár: 2.500 forint

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